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Content studio Offbrand launches games publishing label

Offbrand Game's first title is the sequel to 2017's platform fighter Rivals of Aether

Content studio Offbrand has branched out into games, having launched its publishing division Offbrand Games.

Announced at IGN Live, content creator Ludwig Ahgren shared that he was partnering with Jason "Thor" Hall, founder of independent studio Pirate Software.

Offbrand Games' first title is the sequel to Aether Studio's fighting platformer Rivals of Aether, which initially launched in 2017.

"I've seen many other creators wanting to create publishing houses, but what always gets me is seeing indie studios getting crushed by these publishers," said Hall.

"I don't want this to happen anymore. So I'm excited to do this and lead Offbrand Games in a direction where that doesn't happen."

Ahgren added: "The dream is for developers to focus on making the best game possible with all the time and resources, then I can hopefully show as many people as possible what the cool game they made is and have people play it."

Offbrand was founded in 2022 by Ahgren and Mogul Moves president Nick Allen.

"From the beginning, our goal was to deepen creator ties to game developers and create mutually beneficial partnerships for all involved," Allen wrote on LinkedIn. "Over a year in the making, we're bringing that vision to life."

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