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Bethesda Montreal files for unionisation

Developer set to unionise with the CWA, is the second ZeniMax studio to form a union

Bethesda Game Studios Montreal has filed to unionise with the Communications Workers of America.

The BGS Montreal union announced yesterday in a thread on social media that they filed for certification with the Quebec Labour Board.

"As a union, we will strive to make BGS a supportive workplace that fosters creativity and talent," it wrote. "This will allow us to keep creating some of the best video games in the industry in the jobs and studios we all love.

"Having a seat at the table will ensure job security as well as improve transparency, accountability, flexibility, and more. We aim to make sure everyone receives fair compensation for their work and the value they provide."

BGS Montreal is the second ZeniMax studio to unionise. In January 2023, ZeniMax QA workers formed ZeniMax Workers United, with a majority of 300 employees across ZeniMax's US operations voting in favour of unionisation.

Last month, the CWA announced that all ZeniMax studio workers were covered by Microsoft's labour neutrality agreement, which both parties entered in 2022, meaning the firm is legally bound to take a neutral stance on unionisation.

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