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Former Modern Wolf staff form new visibility agency Secret Sauce

Company aims to help support self-publishers and provide advice on branding

George Willard and Sophie Atkin have co-founded new visibility agency Secret Sauce.

Both Willard and Atkin previously worked for indie publisher Modern Wolf, where Willard was head of brand and Atkin was senior communications manager.

Their new agency will focus on providing support for self-publishing titles, advice on branding, and helping publishers find and secure games.

Secret Sauce's clients include Canadian developer Goose Byte, US-based studio Wallride Games, and UK indie publisher Fireshine.

"The idea for Secret Sauce came from wanting to make a difference in the games space after hearing the same issues over and over from devs and publishers alike," said Willard. "But it became a reality after a ten-minute company-wide call, where we were told we may all be about to lose our jobs."

Atkin added: "We aren’t going to be an agency who over-promises and to be propelled by AI-driven cloud-based Web3 technology. We are here for transparent and straightforward discussions, whether that's around pricing or being able to identify our client's needs."

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