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John Romero's autobiography to get two adaptations

A documentary and a drama series are set to release based on 2023's Doom Guy: Life in First Person

John Romero's autobiography is set to be adapted as a series, and will also be the subject of a documentary.

As reported by Deadline, 'Doom Guy: Life in First Person' will become a documentary directed by Rob McCallum, who's mainly known for 2023's Mr. Dressup: The Magic of Make-Believe.

The series adaptation doesn't have a director attached to it yet, but both projects will have Naomi Harvey serve as executive producer, via Golden Possum Productions.

John Romero's book came out in 2023, in which he goes through his life and career, from his childhood to the creation of Id Software, up until now. Considered the inventor of first-person shooters, Romero currently is the chief creative officer of Romero Games, which he created in 2014.

Romero commented: "Talking with both Rob and Naomi, I knew they were the perfect team to bring Doom Guy to life. Our backgrounds and aspirations have uncanny similarities, and I trust them to tell the story."

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