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Which Xbox and Summer Game Fest games grabbed the most headlines?

Fancensus offers an analysis into the most covered games in the 24-hour periods that followed by Geoff Keighley's and Microsoft's annual showcases

It was quite the week for the games industry with not one, not two, but… well many live shows and events occurring last week with more still to come later this month.

Arguably two of the biggest were Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest, which aired on Friday, and the Xbox Games Showcase, which went live on Sunday – both promising big announcements and fresh looks at upcoming software.

Interestingly, Geoff would preface his show via a Twitch Q&A with a clarification that this year’s Summer Game Fest would focus more on already announced titles as opposed to juggernaut premiers. It was a smart move in hindsight; the general feedback rather critical of the show with over 40% of over 250,000 gamers rating it a D grade and under 10% an A grade (according to Geoff’s own poll on X).

A couple days later Xbox would deliver one of its best showcases in years, at a point where it sorely needed it, with a number of high-profile games shown releasing in 2024, 2025 and beyond. Again, another of Geoff’s polls on X would emphasise just how well received the event had been with a massive 65% giving it an A grade (from over 163,000 respondents and counting).

But how did the games do with press? Which ones were making headlines and stealing the spotlight following the two shows?

Rather than just considering quantity of articles, Fancensus’ Flare Score also considers numerous other metrics including reach of approximately 3,000 featured websites, the split between headlining articles and those that merely mention the title, and presence of articles on a website's front page. Essentially, it gives an overall performance that focuses on quality and not just quantity awarding a score out of 100.

When examining the 24-hour window following each of the two respective shows, it's clear that Xbox Games Showcase had the bigger impact with press; the top five scoring titles all featured in this show, with a further three more featuring in the top ten.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 saw with the biggest success, scoring not only the highest Flare Score overall but doing so by a huge margin, likely a result of it having its own showing following the Xbox Games Showcase.

Looking over the entire list, two things are evident; the first being Summer Game Fest was a weaker show in terms of big name titles and fresh new reveals (with the exception of Lego Horizon Adventures and a couple other arguable notable announcements), the Flare Scores of featured games perhaps reflective of Geoff’s comments.

Xbox, meanwhile, came out the gate guns blazing, the true strength of the mammoth lineup of purchased studios it has really being felt. Activision Blizzard, MachineGames, Id Software, Compulsion Games, Playground Games … all with something to show, and something big at that.

The second takeaway is that despite the industry going through what feels like a tumultuous time, that hasn’t slowed established franchises from making their presence known. 17 of the Top 20 titles featured are from existing franchises/brands.

With embargoes due to drop throughout the week, it’ll be interesting to see the tail on some of these games outside their initial 24 hour performance.

Top 20 games featured in either Summer Game Fest or Xbox Games Showcase with highest Flare Score 24 hours following respective showcase

Rank Title Event Est. Air Time Flare Score
1 Call of Duty Black Ops 6 Xbox Games Showcase 25 mins 96
2 Doom: The Dark Ages Xbox Games Showcase 2 mins 60
3 Gears of War: E-Day Xbox Games Showcase 2 mins 53
4 Avowed Xbox Games Showcase 2 mins 50
5 Dragon Age: The Veilguard Xbox Games Showcase 2 mins 50
6 Lego Horizon Adventures Summer Game Fest 2 mins 49
7 Valorant Summer Game Fest 4.5 mins 47
8 Perfect Dark Xbox Games Showcase 3.5 mins 46
9 Assassin’s Creed: Shadows Xbox Games Showcase 2 mins 45
10 Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater Xbox Games Showcase 2 mins 43
11 Civilization 7 Summer Game Fest 2 mins 43
12 Stalker 2 Xbox Games Showcase 2.5 mins 43
13 Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Xbox Games Showcase 5 mins 42
14 Life is Strange: Double Exposure Xbox Games Showcase 2 mins 42
15 Monster Hunter Wilds Summer Game Fest 4 mins 42
16 State of Decay 3 Xbox Games Showcase 3 mins 42
17 Black Myth: WuKong Summer Game Fest 1.5 mins 41
18 Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred Xbox Games Showcase 4.5 mins 41
19 Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Summer Game Fest 1.5 mins 40
20 Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions Summer Game Fest 1 min 40

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