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Hypersonic Laboratories raises $7m for modding platform Helix

The funding round was led by Play Ventures

Hypersonic Laboratories has raised $7 million in a series A round led by Play Ventures.

AppWorks, WTIC, KB Investment, and Alex Ekvall also contributed to the round, with the funding going towards further development of Helix.

The sandbox platform aims at facilitating the creation of role-playing mods and servers. Helix is due to launch in a closed alpha later this year.

Helix initially launched as a web3 platform with an NFT marketplace, but the team recently switched to web2 and removed any blockchain and NFTs.

Hypersonic previously raised $4 million, having been founded in 2019 by CEO Jack 'Maker' Kim.

He commented: "It shouldn’t be that hard for the millions of people out there who want to mod or play modded games, but until Helix, there’s just never been a professional toolset or platform built by modders, for modding.

"Our team, cumulatively, has built mods and modding frameworks with more than 100 million total downloads – all in their own free time. Imagine what they can do now that they’re actually being paid to do it!"

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