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Worldwalker Games goes into hibernation

"Nobody is shutting us down. We are going into hibernation because we are done with this project," clarified co-owner Nate Austin

Wildermyth developer Worldwalker Games will be on a hiatus for the foreseeable future.

In a post shared on social media, the studio's co-owner Nate Austin shared that active development on the 2021 RPG is now complete and players shouldn't expect new content. The team will continue supporting Wildermyth with bug fixes, and the console port is still on the cards.

He clarified that the studio's hibernation is not a reflection of poor performances or other troubles, but simply what was planned all along now that the project is over.

Austin however added that Worldwalker will be "saying farewell to many of [its] team members."

"Wildermyth has been wonderful, but nothing goes on forever," Austin said. "We wanted to ship [DLC] Omenroad, and having done that we're ready to move on. This was the plan, and it doesn't have anything to do with how well Omenroad is going."

He added: "We're an independent studio, which means we're not answerable to investors. Nobody is shutting us down. We are going into hibernation because we are done with this project."

He concluded by saying that he's "pretty sure" that the team will "eventually find something else to pour [their] passion into, and that it'll be communicated to players "when the time comes"

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