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New co-development studio The Unreal Guys opens doors

Co-developer to specialise in Unreal Engine and operate remotely out of the UK

Games industry veterans Rik Alexander, Myke Parrott and Ryan Woodland have announced the launch of their co-development studio, CodeDev - The Unreal Guys.

As the name implies, the developer specialises in Unreal Engine, and will operate as a remote studio based in London, UK.

Parrott, the founder of games recruitment company Game Logic, will act as CEO. Alexander, previously CEO at The Multiplayer Guys and founder of Super Punk Games, will be chairman. Last but not least, Woodland will be The Unreal Guys' CTO, having previously worked at the likes of Nintendo and Microsoft.

Alexander explained that the launch of the studio was motivated by seeing developers "of all sizes" increasingly choosing a co-development model.

"I've worked with Myke and his recruitment agency for a long time, but with the way the industry is changing we felt like this was the right time to work closer together and create a studio that can build, scale, and deliver expert teams quickly," he added.

Parrott continued: "Working in recruitment I’ve been very sensitive to changes in the job market. Rik and I felt that although we're not out of the woods yet, there's some light poking through the trees for the games industry, which is why this is the right time to unveil The Unreal Guys."

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