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Aptoide becomes first non-Apple iOS store

App store has launched with six games, including Word Jungle and Condor – A Leap of Faith

Independent app store Aptoide has launched on iOS in Europe after the Digital Markets Act was introduced earlier this year.

As reported by TechCrunch, the store launched last Thursday with six titles including Word Jungle, Condor – A Leap of Faith, and Charades Guess the Word.

Over 100 developers have cited interest on Aptoide so far, in addition to a waitlist of 20,000 users. Between 500 and 1,000 access codes will be distributed daily to enable the app to control growth and receive feedback.

Aptoide also has an alternative in-app purchase solution for iOS, and offers a IAP software development kit for game developers and users launched in collaboration with Apple.

"The Aptoide iOS game store represents a significant shift in the way users and developers interact with the iOS gaming ecosystem," said company co-founder and CEO Paulo Trezentos.

"It marks a significant departure from the traditional iOS gaming ecosystem, which has been controlled by Apple's App Store. We thank Apple for their support thus far, knowing that there are still areas for improvement in the alternative distribution of iOS apps.

"We are optimistic that, with continued cooperation from Apple and regulators, the business terms and user experience will continue to be improved in the coming months."

Aptoide will only focus on games for now, but may expand to other services on iOS in the future as Trezentos told The Verge.

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