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Pullup Entertainment acquires minority stakes in Uppercut and Rundisc

The games firm set publish upcoming projects for both studios through subsidiary Focus Entertainment Publishing

Pullup Entertainment has acquired minority stakes in two independent studios, Uppercut Games and Rundisc.

The games firm will acquire financial assets in Submerged developer Uppercut, and will co-own and publish its upcoming game through its subsidiary, Focus Entertainment Publishing.

This subsidiary published Rundisc's Chants of Sennaar last year, and its partnership with Focus Entertainment will continue into a new project.

Australia-based Uppercut Games was founded in 2011 by industry veterans Andrew James and Ed Orman.

The deal between Pullup and Uppercut was negotiated by Cam Rogers Legal, a video games and digital entertainment law firm in Australia.

"The team at CRL have been tireless in their efforts, and their guidance and support were instrumental in getting this deal across the line," said Uppercut games director Ed Orman.

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