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Roblox working on adding "4D generative AI" tools to its platform

Developer aims to use these tools to produce dynamic interaction between objects

Roblox is working towards providing players the ability to create characters and objects with "4D generative AI".

In a recent post to its blog, the developer explained that 4D generative AI will focus on interactivity when creating people, objects, and environments.

These 4D generative AI tools aim to make 3D objects more dynamic by using generative AI text or voice prompts to create a drivable race car, for example.

"With 4D generative AI, Roblox has opened up a new frontier for experience and asset creation," the developer explained. "While the challenges are new, our process for innovation is well honed.

"We will combine our internal research and development teams, university collaborations, and rapid iteration of prototypes in partnership with our community."

Last year, spoke to Roblox CTO Daniel Sturman about its conversational AI tool Roblox Assistant, and how the company intended to use generative AI across various aspects of its platform.

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