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GAME drops Xbox All Access and reward scheme

Xbox All Access offer at the UK retailer will stop on June 26, Reward programme to end on July 31

GAME has been undergoing some changes over the past few days, dropping its reward scheme, Xbox All Access, and reportedly increasing the move of its stores to smaller concessions.

Eurogamer confirmed with the UK retailer that it will no longer offer Xbox All Access, which lets players buy an Xbox Series X|S console across 24 monthly instalments (also including Game Pass), by the end of June.

The publication said that the change comes as GAME will reportedly continue its already existing strategy of moving its standalone stores to concessions in other stores of its parent company, Frasers Group.

A spokesperson confirmed the Xbox All Access news to Eurogamer, saying: "GAME is simplifying its credit offering and, as of 26th June, will no longer be offering Xbox All Access. This decision will not impact any of our existing Xbox All Access customers.

"We continue to offer our full range of Xbox products and customers will be able to apply for flexible financing options through Frasers Plus."

Microsoft also confirmed the move, saying the offer will still be available to other participating retailers in the UK, for instance Smyths Toys and 4Gadgets.

Earlier this week, GAME also announced that it would be dropping its Reward Programme and its Elite Membership Scheme on July 31, 2024. Customers who are part of either of these schemes will continue to earn points for their purchases until July 15, but will need to use them before the end of the programme, or else they will be lost.

"After the closure date, the GAME Reward points will be reset to zero and the GAME Reward account will be closed, you will no longer be able to access it and you will no longer be able to redeem your GAME Reward," the retailer said.

Earlier this year, GAME staff were reportedly told to expect layoffs as employees were moved to zero hours contracts. The UK games retailer stopped doing pre-owned sales in January.

GAME was acquired by Frasers Group in 2019. We talked to managing director Nick Arran last year, who said he envisioned the retailer as the "last man standing selling physical video games."

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