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HTC and Valve's VR headset pushed back to April 2016

An additional 7,000 developer units will be released early next year

The commercial version of Valve and HTC's Vive VR headset won't ship until April 2016, the second time its release has inched away from initial estimates.

In a blog post, HTC claimed to be clearing up, "speculation and misinformation surrounding the launch of HTC Vive." Exactly what the company was referring to was not made clear, but when the headset was first revealed at GDC in March, the launch was promised before the end of 2015.

That was updated in August, when Valve said that only a "limited quantity" of the VIve headset would be launched in 2015, with larger numbers shipping in the first quarter of 2016. According to HTC, however, the commercial headset won't ship until April, in Q2.

HTC also said that an additional 7,000 developer units will be made available in the new year.

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