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Microsoft to increase Xbox Series S|X console prices in Japan

The Series S gets a new price tag of $292, and the Series X will cost consumers $462, effective on February 17

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Microsoft has announced that it will increase the retail price of its Xbox Series S|X units in Japan.

As reported by Famitsu, per translation by Gematsu, the tech firm's changes will become effective on February 17.

The consoles' current and new prices are listed below:

  • Xbox Series S - Currently ¥32,978 ($254), new price ¥37,978 ($292)
  • Xbox Series X – Currently ¥54,978 ($423), new price ¥59,978 ($462)

The news comes a month after Microsoft said it will be increasing the price of its first-party Xbox games from $60 to $70.

In September 2022, during an interview with CNBC, Xbox head Phil Spencer was asked if Microsoft had plans to raise the retail price of consoles.

In response, Spencer said, "I can definitely say we have no plans today to raise the price of our consoles."

At the time, he said that it would not be the right move to raise the price of the hardware during economic uncertainty.

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