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Metacore snags Supercell's Everdale

Additionally, the mobile gaming firm appoints Johannes Peltola to oversee the title's development

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Mobile games firm Metacore has acquired Supercell's Everdale title.

The Finnish studio ended development for the multiplayer mobile title in October 2022.

With the acquisition, Supercell has given its ownership of Everdale and all of the game's assets to Metacore.

Additionally, Metacore has appointed Johannes Peltola as game lead to oversee the title's development.

"Supercell is known for its high-quality games, so it goes without saying that we saw a lot of potential in Everdale," said Metacore CEO Mika Tammenkoski.

He added, "Now our team is excited by the positive challenge of delving into Everdale's market-fit and expanding the game's audience."

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