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Scenario raises $6m ahead of AI-powered art engine early access

The firm's Gen AI Engine lets artists train their own custom art generator

Image credit: Image provided by Scenario, showing training images on the left and AI-generated variants on the right

San Francisco-based tech company Scenario has raised $6 million ahead of the early access launch of its Gen AI Engine.

The funding round was led by Play Ventures, with contributions from Anorak Ventures, VR Fund, and Founders Inc, as well as Oculus co-founder Brendan Iribe, Twitch co-founder Justin Kan, and former Blizzard executive Hamilton Chu.

Scenario's Gen AI Engine aims to provide game developers with "style-consistent game art" via artificial intelligence trained by the artists themselves.

"Scenario is trained by the developer or artist to match only the style of their own images. Once they upload a set of visuals that define the characters, items, environments, or other assets for a given game or project, the GenAI Engine quickly learns and adapts to their defined graphic style," the announcement explained. "From that point forward, the artist can then use Scenario to generate limitless assets with simple word-based prompts."

Co-founder and CEO Emmanuel de Maistre said that "generative AI will be as transformational for game development as Photoshop has been for digital photography," adding that "digital artists must be empowered to train their own generators" and "have control over their art."

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