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Analysts lower sales targets for Callisto Protocol

Industry watchers attributed the title's current sales to game length and the developer's focus on production values

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After the title's performance, analysts have lowered sales targets for Krafton's Callisto Protocol.

As reported by the Yonhap News Agency site K-Odyssey, the adjustments come a month after the title's launch.

"The company expected cumulative sales of 5 million copies, but considering the current sales ranking, cumulative sales of 2 million copies will not be easy until this year," said analyst firm Samsung Securities.

In part, K-Odyssey notes that industry watchers attributed the game's reception to its developmental focus.

"The problem is that Krafton spent a significant amount of money on the production of the Callisto protocol," the publication said.

Analysts also cited the survival horror title's reviews on Metacritic as a matter of concern.

New content for Callisto Protocol in 2023 was announced, including paid DLC story content planned for the summer.

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