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United Nations on a greener games industry | Playable Futures Podcast

We kick off a new special podcast series with an interview with the UN's Sam Barratt

"In eight years' time, I'd like to see the video games industry being the greenest industry in the world and that the players that play games are coming to it, not just to escape, but to give back as well" - Sam Barratt, United Nations

The wider creative industries are increasingly looking to games for inspiration. After all, it’s probably fair to say that gaming is now bigger than the Beatles – so why wouldn’t the world of music and film be looking to video games for a steer on how to engage their audiences?

In the first episode of the Playable Futures Podcast, games journalist Will Freeman – a regular contributor – speaks to the UN Environment's chief of education for youth and advocacy Sam Barratt about the United Nations’ Playing for the Planet Alliance, and why the UN sees games as part of its mission’s future.

In this wide-ranging chat, Sam reflects on how the gaming sector can use its influence to shift the world from where we are to where it needs to be. As a medium that inspires and engages like no other, he discusses how games could encourage audiences to act and make a real difference.

The Playable Futures Podcast accompanies Playable Futures, a collection of insights, interviews and articles from global games leaders sharing their visions of where the industry and medium will go next. A series of ten articles so far have been published on, with more planned. Playable Futures is a collaborative project brought to you in partnership with, UKIE and Diva.

You can listen to the episode in the player below or download the file directly here – and scroll down for some of the episode's highlights.

The Podcast is available via Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Overcast, Player FM, TuneIn and other widely-used podcast platforms, or you can subscribe via our RSS feed.

Title music by Thomas Marchant. Episode produced by Keira Freeman.

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