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PSVR 2 to launch on February 22 for $550

Pre-orders to open on November 15

Sony's PlayStation VR 2 will be launching on February 22, 2023, the company announced.

The PSVR 2 will be launching at a recommended retail price of $549.99 / €599.99 / £529.99, Sony said in a blog post.

For that price, the box will include the PSVR 2 headset, two Sense controllers, and headphones. A charging station for the controllers will be sold separately for $49.99 / €49.99 / £39.99 and launch on the same day.

The VR headset will also be available as a bundle with Guerilla Games' upcoming Horizon Call of the Mountain for $599.99 / €649.99 / £569.99.

In the blog post, VP for brand, hardware and peripherals Isabelle Tomatis called the release an "initial launch phase," adding that only "players in the US, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg will initially be able to pre-order" the PSVR 2 from November 15, and only via PlayStation’s online store.

"In other markets, PlayStation VR2 will be sold at participating retailers, with pre-orders beginning on November 15," she added.

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