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Epic Games investigating contractor accused of using access for profit

Contractor allegedly sold weapon codes and manipulated Fortnite map discoverability to boost creator payouts

An Epic Games contractor has been accused of using system resources for financial gain.

The allegations include selling Fortnite weapon codes on the black market, and boosting the discoverability of maps made by his friends in the battle royale.

News of these alleged actions was brought to Epic's attention on Twitter by fan-run channel FN News. The account highlighted that Epic had already pulled down multiple videos regarding the situation.

A video shared with detailed more allegations, including the claim that the contractor manipulated Fortnite content creator payouts.

He is also said to have used developer permissions to promote friends' maps in Fortnite's player discoverability and on social media.

Epic Games replied on Twitter that it's currently looking into the matter.

"We have blocked this contractor's access to Epic's systems while we actively investigate these claims," the publisher said. "The video was taken down because of the sensitive personal information included about creators in the Fortnite community."

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