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Twitter loses social lead for gaming

After a nine-year stint, Shiraz Siddiqui is terminated as mass layoffs sweep the tech firm

Twitter Gaming's social lead Shiraz Siddiqui was among those let go during mass layoffs at the social network, according to a Twitter post of his early this morning.

"To all the creators, influencers, athletes, actors, streamers, and gamers I've had the pleasure of speaking to on behalf of Twitter, it's been an honor no matter what happens," he posted several hours before confirming his termination.

It was reported earlier this week that Musk had been planning to layoff half the company's employees today.

Siddiqui was with the social media firm for nine years.

While Twitter employees are being let go en masse, a lawsuit has been filed against the company.

As reported by NBC, the suit filed in a San Francisco U.S District Court alleges that the company has violated federal and state law, which states that mass firings require 60 days of notice.

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