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Members of Parliament vote to bolster investment in the European games industry

Elected officials suggest long-term plan for talent growth and for the preservation of "culturally significant" European video games

Members of Parliament have voted on a resolution that calls on the European Commission and Council for a larger investment in the European games industry.

The group proposed that national and Europe Union aid be used in the effort to support the sector.

Elected officials also asked for the creation of a long-term plan to develop and retain talent.

Among the other proposals was preservation of "the most culturally significant European video games” and ensuring their playability for the future.

Today's approval to boost the European games market comes months after a March pre-vote, which said that the market needed to be recognized for its growth and innovation potential.

At the time Parliament member Laurence Farreng said, "Gaming has become a vital part of cultural life for half of Europeans. Yet, we still don't have an European vision for the industry"

"Today, in the European Parliament, we formally call to develop an European video games strategy."

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