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Splatoon 3 passes 3m sales in second month | Japan Monthly Charts

Late release of Bayonetta 3 and Persona 5 Royal mean Nintendo's shooter holds on to No.1 spot

Splatoon 3 continued to dominate the physical charts in Japan in October, according to data from Famitsu.

Nintendo's shooter, which released on September 9 and was already at the top of September's charts, sold an additional 492,566 copies between September 26 and October 30.

Since launch, Splatoon 3 has now sold over 3.23 million physical copies in Japan, as of October 30.

Looking at the rest of the charts, there was a wealth of new entries in October. Debuting at No.3 was Persona 5 Royal on Switch, an enhanced version of 2016's hit Persona 5. It sold just over 58,000 units on Nintendo's console by October 30 though it's worth mentioning that it released late in the month, on October 21.

Meanwhile, Nier: Automata - The End of Yorha Edition debuted at No.4. Square Enix's port of the 2017 RPG for Nintendo Switch sold over 48,000 copies between September 26 and October 30.

Bayonetta 3 debuted at No.6 with 41,285 copies sold, though again it launched late in the month on October 28.

Further down the top ten, FIFA 23 on PS4 entered the charts at No.9, with the SKU selling 33,220 units throughout the month, while FIFA 23 Legacy Edition on Switch sold 24,430 copies.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 charted at No.15 for PS4 and No.21 for PS5, with combined sales of just over 42,000 units (24,371 on PS4, 17,710 on PS5).

As always, Nintendo's Switch was the best selling format in October, representing 74.7% of the market and 1.3 million software copies shifted. PlayStation was boosted by the launch of FIFA and Call of Duty, accounting for 9.6% of physical sales versus 3% in September.

Here's Japan's Top 10 best-selling physical games of October 2022, courtesy of Famitsu:

This month Last month Game Platform
1 1 Splatoon 3 Switch
2 2 Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Offline Switch
3 NEW Persona 5 Royal Switch
4 NEW Nier: Automata - The End of Yorha Edition Switch
5 NEW The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki II - Crimson Sin PS4
6 NEW Bayonetta 3 Switch
7 4 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Switch
8 NEW Valkyrie Elysium PS4
10 6 Minecraft: Switch Edition Switch
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