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Tapjoy launching app store tomorrow

Argues that it isn't designed to bypass Apple's App Store regulations

Monetisation and distribution company Tapjoy will open its own App Store style marketplace tomorrow.

The news was uncovered by VentureBeat, and will allow Tapjoy a more direct link to customers playing Tapjoy titles, while still allowing them to connect to the iOS App Store.

"We didn't intend for it to get discovered," a company spokesperson told the site.

"Tapjoy realised in order to get really big, we needed direct relationships with consumers."

The company has confirmed that the marketplace won't put them in violation of any of Apple's notoriously tight regulations. It will however allow the company to promote apps by offering players in game currency to download a new game, something that recent changes to Apple's rules had stopped.

"It is not [a way to circumvent Apple]," argued the spokesperson.

"In fact, the wheels for this were put in motion long before Apple ever changed their policies."

Tapjoy's current stable of games includes ngmoco's We Rule and Glu's Gun Bros. It was founded in 2007 in San Francisco and this year launched a new platform to allow developers to self publish titles online and on mobile devices.

Earlier this month Tapjoy announced that former regional VP at Yahoo, Jim Jones, would be joining the company.

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