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New partnership for Ninja Metrics and Alchemic Dream

Analytics group will help Alchemic with "support and community management"

Alchemic Dream, which provides a range of services to the online games market, has joined forces with analytics group Ninja Metrics to better understand its customers' needs.

"The Katana Engine, designed by Ninja Metrics, allows online game developers to have a better understanding of their customers' behaviour," said Alchemic Dream CEO Aurelien Merville.

"Thanks to this technology, Alchemic Dream will be able to focus on specific areas such as support and community management in order to assist developers to improve user retention."

Alchemic Dream's fifteen different services have been applied to over 75 online products since 2001, offering localisations, social networking assistance and R&D.

"Ninja Metrics is partnering with the leading international services provider of games and virtual worlds, positioning us to jointly grow and provide an unrivalled suite of support services to game developers," added Dmitri Williams, CEO of Ninja Metrics.

"Our influence tools, diagnostics and metrics will help Alchemic Dream know more about players and what makes them tick than anyone else in the business. Moreover, they will be able to use our predictive systems to stop problems before they occur, and to turn cost centres into profit centres."

CEO Merville was previously a lead game designer and writer with Scenaris Ltd.

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