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FUNimation CEO joins GameSamba board

Gen Fukunaga becomes first chairman of online developer's board

Gen Fukunaga, CEO of FUNimation, has been appointed as the first chairman of the board for GameSamba.

"Gen will bring strong, expert leadership and counsel to our Board," said GameSamba CEO Scott Wong.

"His vision, industry knowledge and operational experience will benefit the Company and our shareholders as we grow and gain a competitive position."

FUNimation distributes Japanese animation like Dragon Ball Z in North America, and Fukunaga founded the company in 1994.

"I see this collaborative relationship as a bridge between the online gaming and anime worlds and allows both companies many opportunities to work together effectively and in many imaginative ways," he added.

"Their games - Realms Online, RemnantKnights, and Tribal Trouble 2 - are such winners, I had to be a bigger part of this company and invest significant capital into it."

As well as founding FUNimation, Fukunaga has worked with IBM and Tandem Computers.

GameSamba is based in Washington and specialises in free-to-play titles.

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