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G5 Entertainment and HipSoft join forces on mobile port

Build-a-lot franchise headed to iOS and Android devices

HipSoft has teamed up with G5 Entertainment to bring its successful Build-a-lot series to iOS and Android platforms.

"Our team is really proud of what the Build-a-lot franchise has done so far," said HipSoft's Bryan Bouwman.

"We look forward to working alongside G5 Entertainment on bringing our games to new platforms and audiences."

The game has sold over a million copies on PC, and the new iOS and Android version will utilise the devices' touch screen capabilities.

"We're pleased to be teaming up with HipSoft on such a popular franchise, and are excited to bring it to iOS and Android," said Vlad Suglobov, G5 Entertainment's CEO.

"HipSoft established the casual city builder genre with their Build-a-lot games, and we're thrilled to bring these games to the larger mobile audience."

HipSoft was founded in 2002 by Bryan Bouwman, Brian Goble and Garrett Price, and focuses on casual games.

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