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Destroy All Humans vet launches mobile studio

Fourfire to focus on iOS and handheld, will donate portion of profits to charity

Matt Cox, a designer who worked on Scribblenauts and the Destroy All Humans franchise, has founded a new studio, Fourfire.

Led by Cox, who will take the role of creative director, the four-person team will focus on making iOS and handheld games for core and casual audiences.

"I want to take risks with genre-defining ideas," Cox said in a statement. "I love designing gameplay that can be fun in small spurts, but has the depth to hook my more hardcore gamer instincts."

Fourfire has also pledged to donate a percentage of its profits to non-profit organisations, including Charity: Water, which is dedicated to building wells for those without access to clean water.

"With the iPhone - and other popular handheld devices - the industry has witnessed a dramatic shift with how small teams can make quality titles with the right idea, execution and positioning," Cox added.

"We are a team of four gamers with the fire to make great games for everyone that have significance beyond the screen."

Fourfire's debut game, Sticky Bees, is in alpha phase.

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