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GI Career Fair: Programming

UK devs discuss specialisation vs. diversification and the value of a bug-free demo

In this second video looking at careers in games, we pulled together some of the most talented developers specialising in programming disciplines in the UK, with experience across multiple formats and devices.

Tim Swan was previously at Black Rock Studios where he worked on Split Second, but has since made the jump to smaller iOS development at UK start-up Boss Alien in Brighton. Also from the seaside development hub is Lizi Attwood of Relentless, another programmer with experience working across consoles and now iOS devices. David Hawes from Eutechnyx has worked across consoles and PC on the NASCAR games and is now working on racing MMO Autoclub Revolution, and at the other end of the spectrum is Playniac's Rob Davis, who works on web and mobile devices with clients such as the BBC, Channel 4, Nickelodeon and Dreamworks.

Answering questions from a packed audience, the panellists discuss what exactly they want to see in terms of skills and portfolio from graduates, the importance of completing a demo, the value of learning C++, specialisation versus diversification, and how to secure a placement at a development studio and fit in with a creative team.

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