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Vaizey supports new IT curriculum

Minister for Culture Communications and Creative Industries appears on Newsnight to discuss education reform

Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture Communications and Creative Industries, appeared on last night's BBC Newsnight and showed his support for reforms in IT education.

He spoke about the planned trials to build a new IT curriculum, which will start in November, take place in 20 school with 100 pupils and will carry on until June 2012.

Industry names like Microsoft and Blitz Games are helping the government with the scheme.

"At Blitz Games, we are excited to be working on this project with e-skills UK. We want students to understand the principles of computing and be able to unlock the potential of technology," said Blitz Games CEO Philip Oliver.

"The success of the computer games industry depends on our ability to innovate and create new, compelling technology-enabled experiences. We need more young people with the technical and creative capability to achieve this."

The programme can be viewed in full on the BBC iPlayer site until Oct 17.

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