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Revenue from non-Facebook social games $5.6bn by 2014

Strong growth for local networks in emerging markets to diminish Facebook's dominance

Revenue generated by social games outside of Facebook will reach $5.6 billion by 2014, according to a new study from SuperData Research.

The study, which was commissioned by social distribution platform Viximo, forecasts that non-Facebook annual revenues will grow from $3.2 billion this year to $5.6 billion in 2014. Including Facebook, revenue is expect to reach $8.6 billion.

Facebook represents around a third of global traffic on social networks, with the majority of that traffic coming from North America. However, the study points out that new growth in markets like Brazil, Germany, Russia and Turkey is coming from local networks that can focus on the needs of that specific territory.

"The social web beyond Facebook is often overlooked when it comes to games and applications. As it turns out, social networks beyond Facebook represent a non-trivial - in fact, significant - and fertile ground for games and apps," said Viximo CEO Dale Strang in a statement.

"What we uncovered with this study was just how quickly non-Facebook social gaming is exploding around the world, giving game-makers a terrific opportunity to reach new audiences and generate new revenue."

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