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Ubisoft Motion Pictures partners with France Televisions

Rabbids animated series to launch in 2013

France Televisions and the Ubisoft's new film and television production arm, Ubisoft Motion Pictures, have partnered to present a Rabbids animated series.

The CGI production will consist of 78 episodes, and will be screened in spring 2013.

"France Televisions has shown a consistent flair for backing quality children's programming and we are pleased to have found in them the perfect partner to help us create a series that the Rabbids deserve," said Jean-Julien Baronnet, chief executive officer of Ubisoft Motion Pictures.

"This partnership will allow Ubisoft to bring its unique creative vision to new audiences via a daily television show. The Rabbids, with their silly, insane and hilarious personalities are just the right characters for this television adventure."

In an interview in August CEO Yves Guillemot explained how the French publisher planned to minimise risks for the new transmedia arm of the company.

"For the TV series we are also working to pre-finance the development so that we have zero risk in the creation of those series," he explained.

"Because we feel that they are two business really, the series and the movies, and that the two business will actually be very close to the videogame creation in the future. Because with next generation consoles, TV series and games will have the same quality in terms of graphics."

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