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Over 36,000 Indie Royale bundles sold

Unique pricing model a success for games bundle

Indie Royal, a website offering bundles of indie games under a pricing model which increases unit cost each time one is purchased, has sold over 36,000 of the four-game packs, with the deal ending at 6pm tonight, UK time.

Generous purchasers can pay well over the required minimum for the bundle, which will drop the price for all subsequent customers. Mojang boss Markus Persson is currently the top contributor, lowering the unit price by a dollar for future buyers.

Currently the UK price for the pack, which contains Nimbus, Gemini Rue, A.R.E.S Extinction Agenda and Sanctum, is £2.82, with the price having peaked just above £3.50 a few days ago.

More bundles are planned for the service over the coming weeks.

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