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New digital wallet for GAME customers

Offers online gamers an alternative to credit and debit cards

High street retailer GAME today launched its new GAMEwallet service, which will offer customers an alternative to debit and credit cards when making online purchases.

"The digital games market is growing fast, but two things are holding it back: the reliance on customers using credit or debit cards online, and the lack of a one-stop shop offering advice across a wide range of titles from different publishers," said group commercial strategy director Tricia Brennan.

  "GAMEwallet is designed for the 80%+ of our customers who are buying digital products in our stores using their Reward points, cash or a trade-in instead of a debit or credit card because they want security and control."

"We want to make digital gaming accessible to everyone, and will introduce new customers to great digital titles and experiences by presenting and recommending the best range of titles in one place."

Currently in beta, the service will be available across titles from publishers like Gamania, Jagex, Outspark, and Bin Weevils, using both points from their GAME loyalty card and new GAMEwallet.

"With online gaming growing at such a fast pace, it's important to provide customers with the products and services they need to have exceptional experiences, especially when it comes to convenience, ease of use and security," said Dave Etling, VP of product development with InComm, who are partnering with GAME on the scheme.

The service will eventually expand to include GAME gift cards, so that along with Reward Card points, all digital currency can be stored in one place.

In September the company revealed it had suffered losses of £51.5 million.

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