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Xenonauts Paypal dispute halts pre-orders

Indie developer Goldhawk Interactive's first project disrupted by account freeze

Goldhawk Interactive has hit financial problems as Paypal has frozen its account, leading to the indie developer to stop pre-orders of its debut title.

The company appears to have fallen foul of terms of service regarding accepting pre-orders for a product.

"The funds in the account are being held for 180 days to protect them against chargebacks, but we will receive them after that," explained Goldhawk founder Chris England on the company's official blog.

The developer has promised that while the situation is not ideal, Xenonauts will still see release.

"Whether we'll be able to implement all the 'nice-to-have' features on that budget (such as our new UI style) remains to be seen, but we'll be able to complete it to the original spec on the funds we currently have. So, no need to worry about the future of the project."

Goldhawk Interactive is an independent developer based in London, and Xenonauts, a strategy sim, is due for release this year.

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