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Origin gets 5 million daily users

Peter Moore defends platform, says public will be the last to "get" EA's plans

EA's COO Peter Moore has revealed that 5 million people are now using the publisher's Origin digital distribution platform every day.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald following an appearance at last weekend's EB Games Expo, Moore responded to a heckler who had disrupted his presentation of Origin.

"Like any piece of software, and I worked at Microsoft for enough years to say this, you launch software and continue to polish it, upgrade it, get feedback and make it better," he said.

"That's where we are with Origin. We're only four and a half months in and already over five million people are using it on a daily basis."

Moore believes that the public currently sees Origin as an unnecessary hurdle that "gets in the way" of the gaming experience, and he expects the platform's early adopters to be the last group of people to "get" what EA is trying to accomplish.

"I think in its broadest sense they think it is just EA's answer to Steam, and it is much more than that. Like any great content provider, you want to provide yourself with a platform to talk directly with your customers... That's exactly what Origin is all about."

"The console first parties understand what we are doing. I think the fans, the people that have to use it in the early going, are the ones that get it last in regards to what we are trying to do."

Moore supported Origin's social functions in a recent interview with, claiming that the platform, "will absolutely become a social network."

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