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Mobile Pie inks Tapjoy Android deal

Fund will help music game My Star reach a wider audience

Independent development studio Mobile Pie has signed up for Tapjoy's Android Fund to bring its successful iOS title, My Star, to Android devices.

"Android owners need My Star in their life and we're delighted that Tapjoy is working with us to make that happen by backing and promoting it," said Will Luton, creative director at Mobile Pie.

"These guys know their biz when it comes to mobile promotion and acquisition. They're the big dogs."

Tapjoy provides advertising and distribution services to mobile developers across iOS and Android, and launched the special $5 million fund in June.

"It's really exciting to be working with Mobile Pie: They're young, sharp and very talented," said Tapjoy's European manager Paul Bowen.

"I look forward to being a part of the success of My Star for Android and watching them shape the future of games."

Mobile Pie's ten man team is based in Bristol and launched My Star in January. The mobile studio has also created Blossom Bristol, a game based around planting crops in the city, and Ecobugs, an educational game designed for Key Stage 2 curriculum pupils.

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