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Nintendo promises "new genres" for 3DS

Satoru Iwata tells investors that software equivalent to Wii Fit and Brain Training due next fiscal year

Nintendo is working on "new genres of software" for the 3DS to be launched over the next fiscal year.

Speaking to investors following its disappointing half-year results, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata compared the new range of software to Brain Training and Wii Fit - products that performed consistently over long periods while inspiring strong hardware sales.

"Aiming for the next fiscal year, we are also working on new genres of software that may attract people who are not particularly interested in video games," he said.

"In order to under our gaming population expansion strategy, we are planning to launch several new software titles in the next fiscal year."

Iwata began the presentation by admitting that he felt "greatly accountable" for the company's financial results falling below guidance, and for lowering its forecast for the full year. However, measures taken in the first half of the 2011, particularly the 3DS price-cut, will soon start to show returns.

"As for our Nintendo 3DS, the hardware markdown has resulted in a huge loss in this fiscal year. However, as we are going ahead with gradual cost-cutting efforts, from a profit standpoint, improvements are expected to be made in the next fiscal year."

"The present result of the markdown is just an improvement of sales pace of the hardware. After the upcoming November, however, anticipated titles for Nintendo 3DS will be continually released, which we hope will bring a big boost in the year-end sales season."

The 3DS is nearing a "certain sales point" where word-of-mouth will drive sales. Iwata expects this "favourable word-of-mouth cycle" to begin after the looming holiday period. "We can expect the Nintendo 3DS to enter into the phase where relevant information shall be communicated even to people who usually do not proactively seek video game information."

Iwata also described a number of new features for the Nintendo eShop in the next 3DS firmware update: developers will now be able to add content to their games after launch, game demos will be available for the first time, and users will be able to download content with the 3DS in Sleep mode.

Iwata also revealed that the eShop would be made available on the Web so it can be accessed via PCs and smartphones.

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