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New bundle site Indie Royale launches

Innovative pricing scheme to support indie developers

Indie Royale, a site that offers independently developed titles in bundles, and uses an innovative pricing schemes, has just launched.

The site offers four indie titles for PCs, starting at $1.99 for the bundle, with prices increasing as more and more bundles are sold.

Consumers can also pay a higher price if they desire, knocking down the price for other users and getting them a mention of the site and helping to support the independent developers involved.

The Launch Bundle, available now, features games from Wagjet Eye Games, Noumenon Games, Extend Studio and Coffee Stain Studios.

So far the highest price paid for the bundle has been £186.11.

There are currently three days left to purchase the launch bundle, which for now is priced at £3.16. 27312 have been sold so far.

The site is the creation of the UBM TechWeb Game Network, which runs Gamasutra.com and hosts events like the Games Developers Conference.

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