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Moai adds Google Native Client support

Games can now be played in Chrome browser and sold through Chrome Web Store

Zipline Games' Maoi development platform now supports Google's Native Client SDK.

Moai is primarily a mobile platform designed for simple cross-platform development, but support of the Native Client SDK will allow games to be played in the Chrome browser and sold through the Chrome Web Store.

"Native Client is huge. We've talked to a dozen web-based social game developers who are ramping up mobile development efforts, and we know very successful iOS and Android game developers who are planning for web distribution of their titles," said Zipline CEO Todd Hooper in a statement.

"Moai support for Google's Native Client SDK gives both of these groups a terrific alternative to full game ports for each new platform. We're very pleased to see Google leading in this area by supporting Native Client and OpenGL in Chrome."

According to Berkeley Malagon, CEO of mobile developer DistinctDev, Inc., Moai offers "native-app-level performance and stability" without the necessity of altering too much of the code.

"There's been a lot of buzz about HTML 5 becoming the new app model for cross-platform browser and mobile games," he said. "While we're looking forward to the tech maturing, we just don't think it's there yet."

Zipline Games recently added former Xbox exec Shane Kim to its board of directors. Kim cited the promise of the Moai platform as a key motive behind his decision to join the company.

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