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Playdom co-founder leads new investment round for Idle Games

$10 million raised for 'console quality' social title Idle Worship

Idle Games, a social game developer which has spent two years developing its first title, Idle Worship, has raised $10 million in a funding round lead by Playdom co-founder Rick Thompson, who then went to co-found Idle itself.

The company is aiming to "up the bar" for the quality of Facebook titles in order to retain customers disaffected by its rivals. Thompson had also lead a previous round of funding which raised $9 million, reports All ThingsD.

"We believe that Facebook games will only thrive by delivering the highest quality entertainment experience to users," said Idle CEO Jeff Hyman.

"That's why we're taking a new approach to Facebook game design with an emphasis on delivering a truly social experience, while raising the bar for creativity, quality and innovation."

Idle Worship, a multiplayer management sim which is "technically a polytheistic god game" is due to launch soon.