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EA adding third party games to Origin

THQ, Capcom and Warner offering PC titles from November

Electronic Arts has revealed the first third-party publishers which will feature games on its Origin download service, naming THQ, Warner Bros. and Capcom for the service.

As of November, the service will feature Batman: Arkham City, Saints Row: The Third and further, undisclosed titles. Third-party games will continue to be added to the service.

"Since launch, we've had overwhelming support from both publishers and developers across the gaming industry, recognizing Origin as an opportunity to deliver more of their great content straight to consumers across the globe," said senior VP of Origin, David DeMartini.

"We're excited to welcome Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, THQ and Capcom as the first publishers to offer their games via Origin."

EA had already announced that it would be releasing some of its own games exclusively on the service, as well as extra exclusive content. David DeMartini first publicly floated the idea of third-party support in July.

At the EB Games Expo in Australia recently, EA boss Peter Moore responded to a heckler by revealing that over 5 million players were already using Origin.

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