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Vita browser to support HTML5 but no Flash at launch

System will also use proprietary memory cards, necessary for some games

The PlayStation Vita's browser will support part of the HTML5 standard but not Adobe's Flash at launch, reports claim, although support may well be introduced afterwards.

Sony has also revealed that the machine will require proprietary memory cards in order to launch some games and to download and store content, giving Sony free-rein to set the price of the peripherals.

These cards will be a new format, and won't be compatible with Sony's previous Memory Stick standard.

The information arose from an extensive PR Q&A with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, which asked Sony to give details on many issues of concern to consumers.

Alongside the partial support for HTML5, Vita's browser will feature cookies and JavaScript 1.7 support.

The interview also makes clear that any movies or games customers downloaded for PSP via the PSN will be available for download on the Vita for free, although the matter of transferring save files remains unclear.

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