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Inafune: Japan must "recognise the talents of its creators"

Veteran developer on the issues facing the industry in Japan

Independent developer Keiji Inafune, formerly of Capcom,has spoken out about the lack of hunger from Japanese developers, and argued that what the industry needs now is heroes and creators.

"People just aren't hungry enough any longer," said Inafune in an interview with Gamasutra.

"There aren't as many companies, or managers of development studios, that really want to succeed or accomplish something, so there needs to be something that gets that feeling back."

He also feels American companies are better at nurturing ambition and giving recognition to developers.

"You have outfits like Zynga that blew it out of the park from the very beginning -- they have that hunger, they want to be the heroes, and it's something the management recognises and nurtures."

He argues that taking the "hero role" in Japan as a developer may get you media coverage, but no respect or salary increases, failure ti recognise the individual which he suggests is a Japanese trait.

"If the Japan game industry tries to change, then there's not going to be much change unless it becomes more able to recognise the talents of its creators."

Back in May Inafune also discussed another issue for the Japanese development community, its attitude to digital content.

Inafune joined Capcom in 1987, and has been part of designing and creating some of the company's most recognisable products, including Resident Evil 2, Mega Man and Dead Rising. In December last year he launched his own independent development company Comcept.

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