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FuturLab announces focus on new IP development

Advergame specialist moving into creating new multiplatform IP

Brighton-based developer FuturLab is to create a new development division dedicated to creating new IP for various platforms, current and future.

The Coconut Dodge creator had previously specialised in advergames, but the success of Coconut Dodge on PSN has led the company to expand. Coconut Dodge earned an 81 per cent average on Metacritic and a PSN game of the year award from before being published for iOS by EA.

"We sit in a unique place in the entertainment industry, bridging the ever-closing gap between online, mobile and traditional console entertainment," said managing director James Marsden.

"After years of experience building games quickly and efficiently for the relatively short timescales and small budgets available for advergaming, we have learned to focus on creating great core mechanics as the first priority.

"With our new hires and recent successes, we also benefit from experience in the console game space, where games are built as products in their own right, and not just as marketing devices. We therefore know how to build addictive games that stand alone, irrespective of any campaign they might sit within.