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Autodesk and OTOY team up for next gen tools

"Next significant step in Autodesk's efforts to advance rendering, cloud, and compression technologies"

Design software company Autodesk has partnered with OTOY, specialists in visual effects and cloud streaming technology with an aim to create a new generation of development tools.

"We are pleased to be working with OTOY based on their strong track record with rendering, capture, compression and GPGPU technologies," said Autodesk VP Brian Mathews.

"Our investment marks the next significant step in Autodesk's efforts to advance rendering, cloud, and compression technologies for use in a variety of industries."

Autodesk has invested in OTOY technology, which ranges from 3D rendering tools like Brigade to cloud computing services like Enterprise Mesh. The exact value of the investment has not been disclosed.

"Autodesk is the leader in 3D design software for film and video game production," added OTOY president Alissa Grainger.

"We are incredibly excited about our partnership and proud to be bringing their industry leading tools to an ever-expanding market through our cloud solutions."

In August an exclusive interview with Autodesk's vice president of games Marc Stevens spoke about its initiative Project Skyline.

"No matter which successful games you look at today, they're using one or many of our tools to create the content."

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