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Levine: I believe in editorship

Irrational Games creative director explains role on next year's BioShock Infinite

Ken Levine, studio head at Irrational Games, has explained his role on new title BioShock Infinite, making it clear he maintains a hands-on approach.

"This is my game," Levine told Joystiq.

"I love the fact that we sit down and chat with each other, but at the end of the day ... this thing's gotta be my decision."

He explained his role was as both editor and writer of a magazine, and disliked the fashionable auteur label.

"I believe more in editorship. Auteur sounds like you do everything,"

Levine, who co-founded Irrational Games, also spoke about the BioShock film that is currently in production, revealing that had offered advice to the filmmakers about staying true to the franchise.

"Unless for some reason I decided I'm gonna go be a screenwriter or something, but then that's a particular job and I have a different responsibility there, which is writing a script instead of the guy who protects the franchise and makes sure the film is true to the franchise."

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