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GI Career Fair: Art & Animation

Members of Creative assembly, Lionhed, Crytek and Blitz discuss their careers in the art disciplines

The fourth video in our series from the Career Fair panels deals with looking for a job in art and animation, with opinions and insight from newcomers and industry veterans alike.

At the most experienced end of the spectrum for our four-person panel are John McCormack, Art Director at Lionhead Studios and Scott Davidson, the Art Manager at Blitz Games.

John has been a professional artist for 20 years and has worked at Mindscape, Bullfrog, EA and Big Blue Box prior to starting at Lionhead where he has been art director for the Fable series. Scott is a senior member of the team at work-for-hire studio Blitz, founded by long term industry figures the Oliver brothers.

Mark Sneddon of Creative Assembly and and Liam Wong of Crytek are newer to the industry, but have been through the process of application and career founding more recently, giving them a fresher perspective on the issues faced by today's students.

That combination of experience and relevance results in a lively discussion of the problems and triumphs of a career in the artistic fields of game development, including advice on portfolios, progress and what to wear to an interview.

The session is chaired by's Rachel Weber.

Earlier this week we posted three more of our Career Fair session videos on: game design, programming and careers & education.

The four remaining sessions will be posted next week.

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