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Sold Out rebrands, launches new website

Long-running UK publisher unveils new branding as it focuses on more digital titles

London, UK - March 8, 2018: Video games publisher Sold Out has revealed its new corporate branding and launched a new company website as it continues to expand its horizons and push the business into wider publishing channels.

"Following on from an incredibly successful year in 2017, we're evolving the business and want our logo, website and message to reflect our exciting new ambitions," said Garry Williams, CEO of Sold Out. "As well as being more contemporary, the new logo signifies our goal of becoming a fully-fledged, top-tier games publisher that curates and promotes new gaming experiences across whichever format they are best suited to, be that PC or console, physical or digital."

Since announcing its digital publishing plans last year, Sold Out has doubled its team size to bring a significant amount of digital expertise and experience into the business. In addition, 60% of the content the company has signed, or is planning to sign, is now digital.

The company is also thrilled to continue working with a world-class list of development partners, including Rebellion, Team17, Frontier Developments, Toadman Interactive and Grip Digital. Further new partnerships are set to be announced later in the year.

"Our pipeline of products is now more varied than it's ever been and our message is clear," continued Williams. "If you're a developer who would like to know more about how our digital plans can help your game succeed, or if you're looking for a physical publisher who can get your game into retail stores, please come and talk to us - we want to hear from you!"