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Former Hitman, The Division devs form new studio Sharkmob

Studio announces first project, a multi-platform franchise based on undisclosed "cult classic" IP

Fledgling studio Sharkmob - a recently formed development outfit populated by Ubisoft veterans - has broken the silence around its first project.

The studio is headed up by former Massive CEO and executive producer on The Division, Fredrik Rundqvist.

Joining him are fellow Ubisoft alumni, including technical director for The Division and Ubisoft's Snowdrop game engine, Anders Holmquist; The Division's IP director Martin Hultberg; The Division's game director, producer, and technical director Petter Mannerfelt; and art director for both the Division and Hitman, Rodrigo Cortes.

"I'm not sure, but I think this is fairly unusual about Sharkmob, which is that we have five guys who've done games for ten to 12 years together, leaving together to start something new," Rundqvist told GamesBeat.

"We felt more safe working together again than we would have if we were just going off on our own. If you take the five of us, I don't think it's exaggerating that the five of us cover a 360 view of everything you need to know to start a company, start a studio, make a game, create an IP, be sure about technology, art direction, game direction, all that stuff."

Announced over the weekend, Sharkmob plans to launch a licensed multiplayer game on PC with intentions to release on console also.

Based in Malmö, Sweden, the team is keeping details of the game close to its chest, but confirmed that it is based on a "cult classic", with plans to develop a franchise.

"We're not really interested in making a more traditional single-player type of game," said Rundqvist. "What we play privately, the kind of games we love, are very social, very competitive, always multiplayer. The more the merrier.

"Of course, in our opinion, the pure mechanics of that are not interesting if you don't have the right IP, the right setting, the right fantasy to get people really excited about the game mechanics we provide. I guess that also gives you a hint as to what kind of game we're making."

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